What One Gain after Choosing a Weekend in Bulgaria

People are different, their ways of recreation are different but for most of us the weekend is that magical period of time in which we have everything available to indulge in a charging emotion. One of the best Plovdiv top offers available is a weekend in Bulgaria, but here we are not going to talk about the different offers, but we will try to see things from a different angle – what can one do and can gain after a weekend in some wonderful Bulgarian place.

Let’s start with the personal approach. People have hobbies and when they have free time they are doing their best to develop their skills in this area and learn new things. So for lovers of walking in the woods, visiting caves, admirers of historical sites, climbers, divers, everyone has something for everyone. Thus everyone can choose a destination where to explore its hobby for a day or two – right here on Bulgarian land.

Different people also manifest in terms of spending the weekend. Some prefer to be alone, others to meet with friends and conquer the free hours together. In Bulgaria, you can try both, and you can change your experience. Why not take a tour of the Plovdiv venues instead of a group, or if you are always alone, prefer an organized tour to visit cultural sites.

Want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend friend? Plovdiv top offers have something to propose you in this direction too. Whatever you take out a wonderful weekend spent together will strengthen your relationship and help you get to know each other better. In this sense, a wine tour and a tour of culinary delights over the weekend is an excellent response to the challenge.

If you choose to be alone, you can plunge into the urban culture of Bulgaria and slowly to move  to some of the hidden town secrets of Plovdiv and not only, where the romance of the past is still alive. Streets and urban landscapes with old architecture, modern clubs with an impressive ambience, cultural events of different rank, and why not accept the challenge to learn a few words in Bulgarian. This is a complete cultural tour.

Every week, you get tired and there is nothing left over the weekend except to sleep and clean up at home. But let us choose Bulgaria once. You will gain rest, emotions, friendship, cultural exchange, you will try new things, you will be yourself in a new place, and who knows, this may be the beginning of something even more special in your life.

Camping gadgets Part 2

Water Filters Water Bobble – Essential centerpiece for Bobble Water Bottle

The use of the water filter Water Bobble presupposes the existence of one or more Bobble water bottles. The are as colorful as the water filter – Another useful accessory is a cleaning brush. The robust, dishwasher-proof plastic water bottles (0.75 liters) in a trendy design and colorful color finish increase acceptance for drinking pure water in children and adolescents – not only when camping.

A Bobble water filter purifies up to 150 gallons of water from chlorine and organic contaminants and to also improve the taste of the tap water.

The gadget costs about 10-15 Euro. The products are available online – for example in MegaGadgets or Amazon.

Solar Lantern with USB mobile charging device – allows the evening rise an electroless light for each

Solar lanterns are versatile decorative Lichtuellen: Is the camping pass, as they bring with bright luminosity dark place at home for beams? The charging time of the LEDs is approximately 9 hours, alternatively is charged via the mains adapter supplied. The burn time of this solar lantern is approximately 4.5 hours.

Rates are currently not available, since the units are sold. Seen online, such as Amazon.

Bluetooth speakers – wirelessly enjoy your own beats

Easily portable, robust, splash-proof and in many fresh designs to the new generation of Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor environment presents. The sound quality of these gadgets is convincing with high class appliances as well as the producible volume – which range from the subtle background music at the campsite to the party sound of a lonely beach.

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Camping gadgets

Omnia camping oven – conjures up sweet and hearty casseroles, cakes and breads.

The omens camping oven is not a separate oven, but an essay for the camping stove, the stove or other cooking zones that operate without induction. The omens is 3 parts: A pot lid with ventilation holes is placed with a circular aluminum mold with holes, like a cake pan on a steel base frame, also with hole, directly above the stove flame or centrally on the hob. By this means consistent top heat is generated. The cooking method traditionally comes from Sweden and enriches the camping menu to numerous manufacturable low-work meals.

The gadget weighs less than 1000 grams. The Omnia Camping oven will cost under 45 euros, for example, to order online via the Fritz Berger GmbH or Amazon.

Wifi Router Huawei – smart network device meets up to 10 forwarding decisions simultaneously

The Wifi Router Huawei has a largely self-explanatory web interface and shines with friendliness: Insert a SIM card, enter the password and tablet, notebook, smartphone or other wireless medium individually or simultaneously connect to the Internet – already “stands the line “for several hours – for example, for a Skype session or a lively exchange in Facebook. The router pocket-sized weighs about 100 grams – included are USB charger; USB cable and a quick start guide.

Devices of the Chinese network equipment Huawei cost depending on the design between 50 Euro – 120 Euro.