Camping gadgets Part 2

Water Filters Water Bobble – Essential centerpiece for Bobble Water Bottle

The use of the water filter Water Bobble presupposes the existence of one or more Bobble water bottles. The are as colorful as the water filter – Another useful accessory is a cleaning brush. The robust, dishwasher-proof plastic water bottles (0.75 liters) in a trendy design and colorful color finish increase acceptance for drinking pure water in children and adolescents – not only when camping.

A Bobble water filter purifies up to 150 gallons of water from chlorine and organic contaminants and to also improve the taste of the tap water.

The gadget costs about 10-15 Euro. The products are available online – for example in MegaGadgets or Amazon.

Solar Lantern with USB mobile charging device – allows the evening rise an electroless light for each

Solar lanterns are versatile decorative Lichtuellen: Is the camping pass, as they bring with bright luminosity dark place at home for beams? The charging time of the LEDs is approximately 9 hours, alternatively is charged via the mains adapter supplied. The burn time of this solar lantern is approximately 4.5 hours.

Rates are currently not available, since the units are sold. Seen online, such as Amazon.

Bluetooth speakers – wirelessly enjoy your own beats

Easily portable, robust, splash-proof and in many fresh designs to the new generation of Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor environment presents. The sound quality of these gadgets is convincing with high class appliances as well as the producible volume – which range from the subtle background music at the campsite to the party sound of a lonely beach.

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