Camping gadgets

Omnia camping oven – conjures up sweet and hearty casseroles, cakes and breads.

The omens camping oven is not a separate oven, but an essay for the camping stove, the stove or other cooking zones that operate without induction. The omens is 3 parts: A pot lid with ventilation holes is placed with a circular aluminum mold with holes, like a cake pan on a steel base frame, also with hole, directly above the stove flame or centrally on the hob. By this means consistent top heat is generated. The cooking method traditionally comes from Sweden and enriches the camping menu to numerous manufacturable low-work meals.

The gadget weighs less than 1000 grams. The Omnia Camping oven will cost under 45 euros, for example, to order online via the Fritz Berger GmbH or Amazon.

Wifi Router Huawei – smart network device meets up to 10 forwarding decisions simultaneously

The Wifi Router Huawei has a largely self-explanatory web interface and shines with friendliness: Insert a SIM card, enter the password and tablet, notebook, smartphone or other wireless medium individually or simultaneously connect to the Internet – already “stands the line “for several hours – for example, for a Skype session or a lively exchange in Facebook. The router pocket-sized weighs about 100 grams – included are USB charger; USB cable and a quick start guide.

Devices of the Chinese network equipment Huawei cost depending on the design between 50 Euro – 120 Euro.

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